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I last talked about our Utility Sheds, and how customizing them with added windows, doors, etc. can take them from just being a regular backyard storage building into your dream “he-shed” or “she-shed.” Well I decided to do a series on some of the different styles of sheds that we build, so that you can see some different options and looks, and maybe one of the designs will be perfect…or at least give you a good starting point to customize your own unique and perfect shed.

First up are our Garden Sheds, which are basically just a twist on a Utility Shed. Instead of having the double doors on the end walls, we move the double doors to one of the side walls (which are usually longer), and also add a 2×3 window for interior light and ventilation. This is what our stock Garden Sheds look like (10×16 size and larger get an added interior overhead storage loft).

Standard Features On Our Garden Sheds

  • 4×6 Pressure Treated Runners

  • 2×6 Pressure Treated Floor Joists on 16” Centers

  • ¾” Pressure Treated Subfloors

  • 2×4 Wall Studs on 16” Centers (24” Wall Stud Spacing on Metal Buildings)

  • Taller 7’9″ Side-Wall Height

  • 2×4 Roof Trusses On 24″ Centers

  • Stock Metal or Shingle Roof with Astro Armor Reflective Insulation or 7/16″ OSB Sheathing

  • Gable Vents On Each End Wall

  • Double 36″ Wood Doors on Wood and Metal Garden Sheds (Double Fiberglass Doors on Vinyl Garden Sheds)

  • Diamond Plated Doorway Thresholds

  • All Garden Sheds come with a single 2×3 Aluminum Window w/Screen

  • *10×16 and larger Garden Sheds come with a 4′ Storage Loft

Practicality At It’s Finest

One of the main advantages of having the double doors on the longer side wall is that you can park your riding mower, ATV, motorcycle, etc. on one side of the building, and still have room to get around it and use the other side of the building for storage and working space.

When the double doors are on the end of the building, you may find yourself constantly needing to move what ever larger pieces of equipment you have by the doors, to allow access to the rear part of the building. For example, you don’t want to have to back out your riding lawn mower in December to get your holiday decorations out if you catch my drift.

Let There Be Light (and air)

All of our garden sheds come with a 2×3 adjustable window with screen so that you can let in some of that good old sunshine, while also getting some extra ventilation in the building, and air it out and/or cool it down when needed. The single window does a pretty effective job of letting in light during the day.

A single window is probably all you would really need in buildings up to 10’x16’ or 12×16’ in size, any buildings over that size though are pretty big buildings, and will need more windows to increase the natural light and ventilation.

Let There Be Even More Light

If the single window isn’t enough, we can always add an extra window or two, or another cool option is to add transom windows in the doors. While this type of window can’t be opened, it is a stylish and secure way of adding extra natural light in your building. Learn more about our customization options here.

This custom 10×20 garden shed we built has the transom windows in the doors along with two 3×3 windows, which gives off a good amount of natural interior light. This design also gives the exterior a very unique appearance. It just needs some flower boxes to really give it that added flair, and let in the smell of fresh flowers.

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