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Recently I’ve talked about our smaller storage barns, and how they are limited by their roof design. I’ve also talked about why I prefer the smaller sheds over the smaller barns, mainly because they just offer more vertical storage options. Now we are getting into our larger Utility Sheds, I’m talking 10×16 size and larger.

Standard Features On Our Utility Sheds

  • 4×6 Pressure Treated Runners

  • 2×6 Pressure Treated Floor Joists on 16” Centers

  • ¾” Pressure Treated Subfloors

  • 2×4 Wall Studs on 16” Centers (24” Wall Stud Spacing on Metal Buildings)

  • Taller 7’9″ Side-Wall Height

  • 2×4 Roof Trusses On 24″ Centers

  • Stock Metal or Shingle Roof with Astro Armor Reflective Insulation or 7/16″ OSB Sheathing

  • Gable Vents On Each End Wall

  • Double 36″ Wood Doors on Wood and Metal Utility Sheds (Fiberglass Doors on Vinyl Utility Sheds)

  • Diamond Plated Doorway Thresholds

  • All 10×16 and larger Utility Sheds come with a 4′ Storage Loft

Big Shed Energy

Our larger Utility Sheds (10×16 size and up) come with the taller 7’9” wall height, as well as a 4’ deep storage loft in the rear of the building. This design is sort of a hybrid between a storage shed and a Lofted Barn (the king for overall storage IMO). You get the taller walls allowing for maximum interior overhead space, while also a rear loft for convenient out of the way storage solutions.

Why is the interior overhead space so important? Well let’s say that you are purchasing a building to turn into a home gym or some kind of workshop. The smaller barns and sheds aren’t tall enough for most people to stand up and lift weights above their heads, or maneuver longer 2×4’s and other pieces of dimensional lumber in a wood working shop. Plus even the Lofted Barn styles have smaller side walls than the Utility Sheds in order to make room for the larger interior storage lofts. So if you need more functional space inside your building to stretch out and use, as opposed to only storage, then the larger Utility Sheds are a great option…another great option is our Lofted Handyman Barns, but that’s a different story altogether.

Customize Your Utility Shed

One of the biggest negative critiques I’ve heard from customers about our Utility Sheds is that they are too plain looking, and I get that. In their standard stock form, the 10×16 size and larger Utility Sheds just come with a set of double doors on the front wall. For some people that is perfectly fine, however, other people may want to add more options to their Utility Shed to make it perfect for their needs.

Some of our more popular customizations are adding windows and extra doors. We can also add decorative shutters, transom windows in the doors, flower boxes, etc. to give your building a more classic and elegant look. On the interior we can add tiered shelving, lofts, partition walls, and even basic electric work. You can learn more about our customization options here.

Taking our Utility Sheds and adding some customization options can turn what would’ve just been a basic storage building in your backyard, into a perfect “he-shed” or “she-shed” that you’ll not only enjoy using, but also showing off to your friends, family, and neighbors.

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