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304-893-9505 Office | 304-481-8040 Mobile
Serving West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and North Carolina
Established in 2011

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Parkersburg, WV (Main Office)

1309 Murdoch Ave
Parkersburg, WV
(304) 893-9505 Office
(304) 481-8040 Mobile
(304) 865-7496 Fax
[email protected]
Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment

South Parkersburg, WV (Display Lot Only)

2100 Pike Street
Parkersburg, WV


What is the cost of delivery?

We offer FREE DELIVERY in many areas of WV, OH, PA, NC, and KY.  Please give us a call at (304) 893-9505 to see if you are in one of our Free Delivery areas.

How long does it take to receive my building?

If we have a building in stock at one of our locations in Parkersburg, WV that you are interested in, we can usually have the building delivered in about a week to week and a half time frame.

For custom orders, our typical turn-around time from the day you place your order until your building is delivered is usually 2-3 weeks.  We strive to have all buildings built and delivered within 3 weeks year round.  If you are in need of a building sooner, please contact us and we may be able to expedite your order.

How are the buildings delivered?

All of our Dura-Built brand buildings are pre-built and delivered directly to your site with no set up required by you.   Our delivery drivers use equipment similar to a fork lift, in combination with special tires that attach to the 4”x6” runners underneath the buildings.  This allows us to drive the building itself to the site where you want it, without having to drive our larger truck and trailer all the way to site.

What is the best type of foundation for my building?

There are many different options depending on where your building will be set up.  All of our Dura-Built buildings are built on 4″x6″ pressure treated runners that are designed to be shimmed directly on the ground, and our drivers bring pressure treated blocks of wood and shims with them.

Due to the distance they travel, our drivers are unable to transport any concrete blocks with them.  If you would prefer to have your building sit on concrete blocks, please contact us and we can help estimate how much block you will need to have on hand for delivery.  In most cases, we can even deliver block to your site for a small fee and the cost of the concrete blocks.

Some of our customers also like to pour cement pads or footers, or have gravel delivered and tamped down.  We have layouts available for all of our building types that can be useful in planning out your concrete pad or footers.

What Colors of Roofing Do You Carry?

Our stock selection of metal roofing colors is Red, Green, Brown, White, Black, Stone (Beige), and Charcoal (Gray). Our stock selection of 3D-Shingle colors are Black, Brown, and Weatherwood (Grayish Tan). We can custom order different metal and shingle colors for an additional $150 fee.

Can I customize my building?

Absolutely! Please refer to our Customize Page for more info.

Do you offer any discounts on buildings?

We do offer a discount on bulk building purchases (3 or more buildings purchased at the same time). We also have many special deals on our REPO and older stock buildings on our lots, please visit our Discounts Page to see our current deals.

If you have obtained a lower price on a similarly built building, please contact us, and we will see if we can match or beat that price!

How do the Rent To Own payments work?

The Rent To Own payment plans that we offer are an easy and affordable way to pay for your building.  We offer 36 Month and 48 Month Payment plans on all of our buildings.

With all of the Rent To Own Payment Plans, we usually require 2 months down as your down payment.

After your building has been delivered, you will receive a payment coupon book from the Rent To Own finance company with your remaining monthly payments.  There is no pre-pay penalty to pay off your building sooner than the payment plan terms, and we highly suggest this so that you save on the interest associated with the Rent To Own payment plan.

To pay your pay your building off early, or if you have any questions/disputes about your Rent To Own payment account, we advise you to contact the finance company directly who financed your purchase.

Can I purchase a building without Rent To own?

Absolutely!  We typically require a 10% down payment, and then you can pay the balance directly to our delivery drivers when they deliver your building.  You can also pay in full when you purchase your building and not have to pay anything at delivery.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, personal or business checks, and Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit/debit cards.

Can I have my building moved at a later time?

If you have moved to a new house, or just need to have your building moved to a different location, our delivery drivers can move it for you.  They typically charge a minimum fee of $550 to move a building, and depending on the size of the building, distance it needs moved, and amount of time it takes, may require more.  We can give you an estimate prior to moving the building.

**Due to liability concerns, we are unable to move buildings that are not Dura-Built brand buildings.**

Who do I contact about my Rent To Own payment account?

If you have any questions or disputes regarding your Rent To Own payment account, please contact the finance company below that financed your purchase. They will gladly assist you with any account questions, including updating your address and contact information, applying payments to your account, or paying your account off early.

River Country Rentals, LLC
1680 County Road 1024
Cunningham, KY 42035
(270) 642-2479 Phone

PMB Rentals, LLC
P. O. Box 489
Paris, TN 38242
(731) 642-0006 Phone

Platinum Rentals, LLC
P. O. Box 606
Cunningham, KY 42035
866-574-7446 Phone