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The standard, classic, backyard storage barn. You see these buildings often in your neighborhood backyards, and for good reason. They are a perfect minimalist approach to typical homeowner storage.

You can keep your lawn mower, weed eater, gas cans, tools, and whatever toys float your boat all inside under roof, and maybe more importantly, out of site. Year round protection from the elements for your valuables, yet out of site and out of mind.

Standard Features On Our Prefab Barns

  • 4×6 Pressure Treated Runners

  • 2×6 Pressure Treated Floor Joists on 16” Centers

  • ¾” Pressure Treated Subfloors

  • 2×4 Wall Studs on 16” Centers (24” Wall Stud Spacing on Metal Buildings)

  • Stock Metal or Shingle Roof with Astro Armor Reflective Insulation or 7/16″ OSB Sheathing

  • Gable Vents On Each End Wall

  • 8′ Wide Barns come with a single 4′ Door (36″ Fiberglass Door on Vinyl Barns)

  • 10′-14′ Wide Barns come with Double 36″ Wood Doors (Double Fiberglass Doors on Vinyl Barns)

  • Diamond Plated Doorway Thresholds

Popular design, but major flaw?

While the standard storage barn does offer plenty of interior storage space when sized right, they can be a headache, figuratively and literally, when it comes to interior overhead height. Taller people especially (6’ or taller), you may want to read on.

The natural design of the gambrel (barn shaped) roofing style is to allow for more interior space, however, this does not work well on the smaller barns without interior storage lofts (like a Lofted Barn).

The smaller, loft-less barns end up limiting your interior overhead space near the side walls, limiting your options in actually using the building, as well as using any type of the DIY plastic and metal shelving products you can purchase online or from hardware stores.

For this reason, I suggest purchasing a storage shed instead of a storage barn. Our storage sheds have a gable style roofing system, similar to many houses and buildings that you see that aren’t, well…barns. With the gable roof, the shed is able to have a taller side wall which gives you more storage and organization options.

You can hang brooms, rakes, shovels, weedeaters, etc. on the side walls of your building. If organization is your key goal, you can also line the side walls of your building with the plastic and metal shelving products I mentioned earlier. If you are purchasing a shed from us, our Amish Mennonite builders can install tiered wood shelving in your building to give you the ultimate amount of storage space and organization options. Learn more here

So why buy a barn?

Alright so you are probably wondering, why buy a barn at all? Well, if the interior overhead storage space isn’t as important to you, or you love the “barn look” and it fits into your plans, then a standard storage barn may actually work well for your specific storage needs.

The larger 10-12’ wide “loft-less smaller barns” will give you more interior space than the smaller 8’ wide barns, and make up some of the difference in the barns vs. sheds battle (I’m biased, I’m pro-shed…well for smaller buildings like this that is). Anyway, the 10’-12’ smaller barns not only expand your interior space by 2’ in width, they also come with double doors allowing for larger riding mowers, ATV’s, motorcycles, etc.

I always say, depending on how you organize your prefab building, you can likely fit much more into smaller buildings than you would think. Try to think of the items you need to store, and how much physical 3d space they would take up, and then draw up a simple layout on a sheet of notebook paper and bring it to us. We’ll build a custom barn to fit your exact needs.

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