If you have moved to a new house, or just need to have your building moved to a different location, our delivery drivers can move it for you. They typically charge a minimum fee of $600 to move a building, and depending on the size of the building, distance it needs moved, and amount of time it takes, may require more. Please contact us and we can give you an estimate prior to moving the building.

If your building was purchased through a RTO payment plan, you will need to contact the RTO financing company that financed your building purchase to have it moved.  Please see our RTO Financing page for contact information.

**Due to insurance and liability concerns, our delivery drivers are unable to do any hauling for hire, so if your building was not purchased from us, or if you are selling your building to a third-party or you are a third-party purchasing one of our buildings from an individual, our delivery drivers are unable to move the building.**