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Spring Has Sprung…we think?

Spring Has Sprung…we think?
March 20, 2018 MOV Buildings
In News

According to the calendar, it is officially Spring…a quick glance outside though, shows that the weather hasn’t quite caught up with the calendar just yet.  Oh well, we here at MOV Buildings are eager to start enjoying warmer weather, and all the activities that go along with it.

Now that Spring has sprung, and we have all gotten used to trading in an hour of sleep for an extra hour of daylight, it is now time to get to work cleaning around the house, organizing storage, and getting your lawn and garden ready for summer time.

Here is a small Spring To Do List to get you started:

  • Check to make sure your smoke and CO2 detectors are working properly, and change the batteries (this is especially important for those who are “Tiny House” living as smoke and CO2 can build up to dangerous levels more quickly in smaller living spaces)
  • Clean and/or replace the filters on your HVAC system
  • Remove any leaves or debris in your gutters in advance of notorious spring rain storms
  • Wash and clean the exterior of your windows and screens to remove winter dirt and debris
  • Start your pest control now by spraying around doors and windows with a safe pesticide to prevent all the creepy crawlies from making your place their home
  • Plant your garden seeds indoors so they will be ready to transplant after the last frost of Spring
  • Clean out your garage and storage spaces and donate or sell any items you haven’t used

We hope you are as thrilled about the warm sunshine that is around the corner as we are.  Please scroll down to catch up on the latest news at MOV Buildings…



We are excited to announce that we are now offering our customers the choice of:

  • Pressure-Treated T1-11 Wood Siding
  • LP Smart-Siding® with Premium Urethane Stain or Paint
  • 29 Gauge Steel Metal Siding with patented Galvalume® protection

Choose any of the above siding choices for your storage building, cabin, or garage…ALL FOR THE SAME LOW PRICE!  You can also upgrade any building to be built with Dutchlap Vinyl Siding over top 5/8″ OSB sheathing for just a tiny bit more in cost!  How about that for allowing you to personalize the look of your storage building?  Keep in mind that you can also customize many other aspects of your building besides just the siding, you can also choose different roofing options, window and door options, and much more.  Our goal is to build a storage building, garage, cabin, or tiny house that fits your individual needs and specifications, not push you into some cookie cutter building like most other companies.

Much more to come soon, so please check back often and Thank You for visiting!