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New 2017 Products!

New 2017 Products!
March 22, 2017 MOV Buildings
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Urethane Stained Lofted Barn

We are excited to announce that we are now offering a new siding selection for all of our styles of barns, sheds, garages, cabins, and tiny homes.

You can now choose to have your building built with urethane stained, pre-engineered wood siding.  The siding itself is the same as what we use to construct our Painted Buildings, but due to lower material costs, we are able to offer the Urethane Buildings at the same price as our regular Pressure Treated Wood Buildings.

Here are some of the advantages of our Urethane Buildings vs. our Pressure Treated Wood Buildings:

  • Urethane stained buildings will be offered in the following colors
    • Red Mahogany
    • Driftwood
    • Cedar
  • Our Urethane Buildings are built with the wall studs spaced on 16″ centers instead of 24″ centers to give your building more structural integrity
  • Urethane stained buildings are double coated for durability, and will last longer than the Pressure Treated Buildings, meaning you will have less long-term maintenance and upkeep to keep your siding looking brand new
  • All buildings styles can be built with the new Urethane stained siding

If you have any questions regarding our new Urethane Buildings, or would like for us to give you a quote on a custom built building for your own individual needs, please contact us!